deploying lume project to deno deploy

by JIMz

2 min read


the instructions given in lume regarding the deploying to deno deploy is incomplete. this page serves to provide a complete instruction.

background info

  1. build static page with lume ;
  2. host the codes in github ;
  3. deploy in deno deploy ;
  4. automatic re-deployment in deno deploy on every gith push ;

this page describe (4) and provide missing info in by consolidating related info in reference pages listed at the end of this page.


1. build the project with lume

per the instructions here, the step-by-step guide is pretty easy to flow with clear logics, without too much details.

2. prepare the github workflow yaml file content

sample file content can be found here, with some highlights and notes :

  • the value for "name:" on top :
    • this is the name for this github action, and will be shown in "your github repo > actions" on the left column, so can be anything here ;
  • the value for "project:" near the end :
    • must be the same as your deno project ;
    • this is essentially the only value that must be changed ;

3. placing the workflow yaml file

there are 2 choices here :

1. create the file manually

  • the page MUST be [project root]/.github/workflows.note the "s" after workflow.
  • name of the yaml file doesn't matter ;
  • push and commit the change ;

2. create the file inside github

  • choose the section "Actions" ;
  • right under the section header "Choose a workflow", there is a link "set up a workflow yourself". click that.
  • choose a filename for the yaml file ;
  • paste the content you prepared in (2) above ;
  • commit the change ;

4. config deno deploy

  • choose the project in dashboard ;
  • choose the section "Settings"
    • look for the sub section "Git Integration"
      • pick the repo ;
      • choose "github action" ;
      • deploy to the branch "main" ;

5. check status

  • github actions
    • under specific workflow ( i.e. identified by the name chosen at the top of the workflow yaml file ), the history of status, git commit hash can be found ;
  • deno deployments :
    • a history of all pass deployments are listed, and can be rolled back with a few clicks ;

reference pages