building and deployment notes on the new

by JIMz

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some notes on scaffolding this site when following the official instructions.

some background info

this site used to be built with gatsby, even thought the built site is fast in response and have endless possibilites by adding plugins, it is still too heavy and bulky at the back ( a basic starter takes too much time to start, and too much dependencies to deal with ), at least to me and in my use case which i don't really need that much interactivities, and even if i did need them, in my next project i'd probably be building it with Fresh.

i met Deno some months earlier, with so much to like, though, i've put it aside for a while and have a re-visit to it recently.

so for this site solely for personal online notes, which i don't really need that much interactivity / add-on functions, SSG would be the best bet, and stick with markdown for each post.

digged around and i met lume, with pretty much exactly what i want / need - being very fast and minimal in initial scaffolding.

the minimal working _config.ts

i.e. the trailing part /mod.ts is missing in the official reference page.

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";

import blog from "";

const site = lume().use(blog());

export default site;

additional notes on the offical reference

existing issues to be resolved in the theme

  • author name of the same spelling with different cases will case error
    • e.g. one post with jimz, another post with JIMz will make the site build fails ;
    • proposed solution : normalize all author names by adding a filter to make them all into lowercase. work to be done, probably will first

reference page in : link

github repo of this theme : link


lume author : Óscar Otero

theme author : Óscar Otero